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Archives for the day Wednesday, June 29th, 2011

Clif Mojo Trail Mix Bar Review

I have a preference for the Clif Mojo peanut butter pretzel bar.  I lean towards organic products whenever possible (when exercising or just lounging around).  I believe “organic” has become a bit of a buzzword lately and Clif is not bashful about jumping on the band wagon.

That being said, I really like Clif the company and only ask the companies make an honest effort into giving us good calories.  I say this because the Clif Peanut butter pretzel bar tastes really good.  It is loaded with 200 calories, 80 of which are from fat and the ingredient list is longer than a Twinkies.  I trust that Clif is giving me good stuff.

I love the Mojo bar line with no real preference for the different bars.  I just saved the peanut butter pretzel wrapper for review.  I can easily eat a bar while riding my bike without feeling nauseous.  I prefer to eat half of a bar at a time to spread my calorie intake a bit.  When you are out on a long training day, all of these calories are good.  Give this bar a try; you might be surprised at how good an energy bar can be.

Note: I paid for my last box of bars, after Clif handed me some to try.

Honey Stinger Energy Chews Reviews

Honey Stinger energy chews are a good source of calories while out on a long training day.  I have well documented problem consuming enough calories when I am out on long training and racing days.  I frequently find myself crashed in a corner feeling ill effects from the calories that I tried to consume.  I am happy to say, Honey Stinger energy chews in both lemonade and pink lemonade flavors work for me.  Each pack of 10 chews comes in with 160 calories and 80 mg of sodium.  I can handle 4 or 5 chews at a time.  The chews taste okay and they stay down.

Being nauseous during training or racing is bad.  Honey Stinger products are new to my inventory and have quickly moved to the top.  When Vineman 2011 arrives on July 17, I will be carrying Honey Stinger energy chews and Honey Stinger waffles as I can consume both without becoming ill.