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Archives for the day Tuesday, June 7th, 2011

It’s time to clean off your bike that has collected dust all winter, and get back into the swing of things now that we have warmer weather.

The City of Alameda has miles of amazing streets, bike lanes and trails, and more of you are getting out there, but there is still a major concern that must be addressed (as always). Bike safety is important but is unfortunately overlooked by many people riding on two wheels.

I see adults and kids alike — parents can’t teach children safe riding if they don’t know the laws — riding around Alameda in a dangerous manner.  Careless, speeding drivers on small roads mixed with reckless bike riders can lead to disaster that should be easily avoidable.

A recent post on Alameda Patch discusses the importance of bike safety classes in the SF East Bay. Besides wearing a helmet and bright colors, there is something else that is overlooked that is easy enough to help incorporate into your riding skillset.

“Even more simply said, it’s ‘be predictable and be visible,'” said Bonnie Wehmann, a local Bay Area bike advocacy expert. “If people narrow it down to being predictable and being visible that will be their best defense for avoiding crashes.”

The East Bay Bicycle Coalition and Bike Alameda typically handle the bike classes in the area.  The blog post published on Alameda Patch can be found here.

Just like we have before, Alameda Runners plans to continue preaching safety.  We love the outdoors.  We are fortunate enough to have people love us.  It is our responsibility to return to them safely.