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Thanks For The Support

I’m not going to list and review every clothing product I wear during races — but I do want to give recognition to a few companies.  Last weekend I ran two races,  and want to discuss some of the great gear I wore:

Honorable Mention

Clif Bar is the first ever company to receive an honorable mention!  The company sent a tech running hat for me to wear — which I’ve worn during several races, as it’s the only one I have — and it has been great.  I strongly urge companies to bring hats and goodies like this to events, as they make great products to sell and give away.

Several people asked me during the expo and the Oakland Half Marathon about where I got the hat – they were disappointed to hear I didn’t buy it at the Clif booth.


The Concede rash guards aren’t currently available yet, but the custom shirts are ideal for running, lifting weights, or training Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.  The large is much more form fitting than a large Under Armour rash guard, and does a much better job of preventing chafing.   My custom Concede rash guard has my name printed on the back of the shirt and both sleeves — and your custom order can have the same!

Concede’s rash guard will be available here in the next couple of weeks.


Even though I rocked a Clif hat during the races, I actually used GU products (I carried it with me, and the Brazen Racing Wildcat race was sponsored by GU.)  The GU Roctane Blueberry Pomegranate is especially tasty, and it helped me power through 13.1 miles last weekend.


Garmin is a company well known by athletes who flock to the company’s GPS products for cyclists, runners, hikers, and boaters.  The Garmin Forerunner 405 remains a trusty training tool leading up to running events across the Bay Area — and helps me maintain pace, accurately track heart race, and log my distance.  It’s especially helpful during events, as its ability to constantly tell me my HR and pace lead to better finishes.

Fuel Belt

Running trail events can be very taxing on the athlete, but we often forget how important it is to have clothing and products that can also withstand punishment.  The Fuel Belt Crush Bottle Carrier is from the company’s “Active Gear” lineup and is ideal for distance runs.  It fits comfortably, can be adjusted easily, and doesn’t bounce around too much.  The waist carrier is available for $29.95.

If one 22oz. bottle isn’t enough, the Fuel Belt Excursion supports two 22oz. bottles.


Wearing a RoadID obviously isn’t necessary for an organized event, but I’m simply in the habit of wearing my RoadID every time I go running or cycling.  The information stamped on my RoadID hasn’t been necessary — and I hope the numbers never have to be called in an emergency — but the peace of mind is well worth the $19.99 price tag of the Road ID Wrist ID Sport.

We interviewed GU and Fuel Belt (interview available here) in the past, with upcoming interviews in the pipeline.  If you have a company you think we should get in touch with, please feel free to leave a comment!

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  1. by Running belt, on May 1 2010 @ 7:53 pm


    Running trail events can be very taxing on the athlete, but we often forget how important it is to have clothing and products that can also withstand punishment.

  2. by Keith, on September 24 2010 @ 8:35 pm


    I am trying to exercise again after being dormat for 5 years and I tell you, it is so very tough that I need to rest for a couple of days after jogging just to recover from the pain.

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