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Archives for the day Wednesday, June 1st, 2011

This time of year has Memorial Day and National Running Day serving as two significant events able to get Americans (and athletes) out and about in local, state and federal parks. It’s a great experience to be able to visit a properly-funded, well-maintained park available for us, but it’s a joy we may soon miss out on.

State parks are under fire by Gov. Jerry Brown, but a federal issue related to funding was awarded to the State of California like a contract. Since the money and contract are both related to the land deeds, Gov. Brown could be in a breach of contract. It’s an interesting roadblock that I’m sure the suits in Sacramento will look to circumvent in whatever manner they can this summer.

I think it’s a tragedy Gov. Brown wants to shut down state parks, though can’t say I’m really surprised. Local and national politicians are trying their best to waste money while keeping money flowing into their own pockets, so expect more park funding issues later.

Meanwhile, Pres. Obama is folding under continued political pressure to stop millions of acres of land from receiving federal support. It’s an interesting issue when millions of dollars and lots of public land is at risk of being severely mismanaged in the near future.