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Archives for the day Friday, June 17th, 2011

Honey Stinger waffle gaufre

Tuesday – I just cleared five items off my desk when I came home to more stuff.  One of my new presents was a box of Honey Stinger Waffles in both vanilla and honey flavor.

By Friday, I already went online and ordered two boxes for myself.  I decided to try a waffle after my morning swim.  I liked it so much; I decided to try another, just to make sure the good taste was not my imagination.

I tried again the next day and brought some to work to hand out as snacks.  The feedback was positive.  At 160 calories, they are a bit much for a snack but much better than a bagel or a donut.  I don’t have any big exercise days scheduled this week for a real good trial for the waffles.

This Saturday is a bike/run/bike day.  Not a good day to really crash and burn but I will try the stinger waffles as my primary source of calories for the five-hour effort.  I bought a couple more boxes to make sure I have enough for next weekend’s hard work out.

I love the taste and they work great for my morning post work out snack.  They have 160 calories including 7 grams of fat and 55mg of sodium.  Most of the calories are from the flour and sugar.  I may have to carry more calories with me to prevent crashing but at least the calories from Honey Stinger waffles will taste great.