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Archives for the day Thursday, June 23rd, 2011

Triathlon news source Xtri recently caught up with Craig Alexander, one of the most recognized names in US triathlon, who is recovering from injury.  Until he’s recovered and compete at the top-level of Ironman racing, Alexander took some time to chat with Xtri.  (The interview is available here.)

Alexander even showed some love for one of our favorite products, Athletes HoneyMilk:

It’s healthy, thats a great start, and it tastes AWESOME. I used to drink a mountain of chocolate milk anyway, so this now gives me a legitimate excuse. AHM is a great, progressive company that is pumped about triathlon, and I am honoured that they chose me to support. Plus Lucy now drinks so much of the new Strawberry banana that there is none left for me!

Similar to other pro athletes, it can sometimes be difficult to remember that they are just regular people. I enjoy reading and watching interviews with elite athletes, and it’s great to see how are things are going both professionally and personally.

In the spirit of Ted’s half Ironman next month, we’re going to include additional information about cycling and triathlons this summer.