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Athletes enjoy running or working out when they go on vacation – and there are some great tourist destinations that double as vacation hot spots and a runner’s paradise. I recently caught up with representatives from the Hawaii Visitors & Convention Bureau and discussed why Hawaii is an ideal location for athletes looking to just get away.

There are plenty of reasons, according to the HVCB, why athletes should be interested in flying to Hawaii from the mainland.

“Year-round sunshine and good weather, accommodations for every budget, a wide variety of activities and attractions, rich culture and history, world-class cuisine, exceptional spa/wellness facilities, and warm Aloha spirit help make the Hawaiian Islands an ideal vacation for runners and athletes.”

For anyone looking to travel to Hawaii, there are a couple of ideal times to make travel arrangements: “Travelers can usually find the best deals to Hawaii during the off-peak season, which tends to be spring (March-May) and fall (September-November).”

A quick search yielded a one round trip ticket from Oakland to Kona in April for around $410, including fees and taxes, but browsing around could lead to even better deals.

Full interview is available after the jump: