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Review: Xood Endurance Drink

Xood is advertised as an all “natural healthy endurance drink.”  I went out for a hard run on a warm day last week and had a hard time choking the green tea-lemon flavored drink down immediately following the run (One package to 24 oz water).  I was a bit dehydrated and could feel the sweat building up and releasing from my body immediately.

I told myself:  “Yes, this new drink is going to be great.”  After eating lunch and drank some water, I found myself heading to the coffee pot.  That was odd, coffee on a warm afternoon.

I was not about to try Xood on a long training day so I waited until Monday to try again.  Today was a cold, rainy day that beat me up pretty good.  This time I mixed the packet to 16 ounces of water.  It tasted a little better but it was still a battle to drink the whole shaker.  Just like Friday, I hit the coffee pot again this afternoon.

I am torn on Xood.  They are a small company that works hard to present a quality product for the masses.  I can choke down the drink and not feel sick afterward.  I felt like I just ate a piece of chalk but other than that, I feel no ill effects.  When I drink Xood, I think of my wife when she is putting on the anti-aging cream.  I hit the wall hard one day.  I am not comfortable using Xood to stand between me and that wall.

I don’t like to leave a small, hard working company a bad review.  Xood sent us a  sample supply to test.  I am going pass out the remaining samples to some readers to see what they have to say about the products.  Hopefully, I will get some prompt feedback from them.

Please keep in mind that my reviews are not scientific.  I am just an athlete, like you, who just happens to do a little more than most people.

Mike’s Note:  I’m going to test the Xood product myself, and have recruited a couple of friends to also help out.  Check back

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  1. by Melinda, on October 7 2010 @ 6:00 pm


    Have any others tested XOOD yet? If so, what are their comments?

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