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Archives for the day Sunday, June 5th, 2011

Today was the big day for Alameda and See Jane Run Sports. There was a huge turnout for the participants but not many spectators along the course.  I write the Alameda running blog and I barely heard about the event.  Perhaps I will work with the event organizers next year to help get the word out.

I rode my bike along the course to see it well laid out with lots of port-o-potty’s.   There were not enough.  The toilet lines at the start line were huge.  The bag check line was even longer.  I also heard a lot of complaints about the timing chips not being available with bibs for early bag pick up.

The people arriving early had no problems with parking, check in and toilet lines.  The volunteers were all nice to speak with and friendly with everyone who came by.  The race started with a pre-race warm with a few classic 80’s aerobic workout songs and two out of sync group leaders.  It did not matter, everyone was having fun.  The race started on time!  The start line looked big upon arrival, one hour before start time.  When 2,000 people were lined up for the start of the race, it looked small.  I rode my bike with a couple of ladies who started 5 minutes late and were planning on completing the race with a finishing time of 1:50.  It seemed like a good plan until we turned the corner to a long 1.5 mile straight road that was full of runners.  I left them to deal with the crowd.  I wonder how they made out.

It was a very good event with a few problems at the start line.  There was a big group of runners but course was configured for the crowds.  The police at the street crossings did an excellent job keeping the runners moving.  We had one lost driver complaining about the lack of detour signs to the airport for Bay Farm residents.  Bay Farm is a small Island attached to Alameda proper by a bridge.  It has about 5 square miles of populated areas with 4 roads leading off the Island.  Three of them go to the airport, one was closed.  The event organizers get a pass on this complaint.

Ted rates See Jane Run, Alameda a huge success.  Maybe, I will carry my 2:15 pace sign next year.  Probably not, it would just feel awkward joining a women’s event.

Pictures can be found here.