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Shout out to the manufacturers of toesocks!

In particular, special recognition to Injinji.
Ultra Compression OTC Toesocks
$49 MSRP — $39.95 – $55.00 on Amazon

Athletes shopping for running or cycling socks can easily find plenty of quality products to choose from. So, what makes Injinji different? They are a well known, reputable manufacturer of toesocks!!

Similar to other compression over the calf socks, Injinji lists the following benefits from the Ultra Compression OTC: shortens recovery time, helps reduce muscle soreness, promotes better circulation, relieves muscle fatigue, enhances blood flow, and blister prevention.

We interviewed Injinji (way back in 2011!) ], where we learned a bit more about toesocks. Here is what the company had to say back then:

“From marathoners to trail runners, mountain bikers to triathletes, Injinji offers a sock for everyone. The Performance Series, Injinji’s original and most popular toesock, is ideal for running, walking, cycling, track & field, cross training and other multi-sport activities. Injinji’s Outdoor toesock is perfect for trail running, hiking, trekking, adventure sports and mountain biking.”

My experience with Injinji has led to high expectations, and the Ultra Compression delivered as expected. The 80% nylon, 20% lycra socks are comfortable while out on a jog, though I sometimes wear them to help recover from intense workouts.

If you’re new to compression clothing, it can be a bit difficult to choose the right products. Experimenting with different brands over multiple training runs will probably occur. That’s okay… figure out what works best for your feet, and go from there.

Random Note: Toesocks take some getting used to. Be patient and make sure the sock is comfortable on your foot.

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