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Riding a bike is supposed to be fun. I hope everyone has an enjoyable and safe experience each time you get back in the saddle. There are a lot of scenarios that end up with cyclists and pedestrians injured while out and about, despite much of it being preventable with basic situational awareness.

If you’re familiar with Alameda, you’re likely aware of the numerous crosswalks, bike lanes, and occasionally disorderly habits of… seemingly everyone. Preventable collisions and other incidents occur due to a variety of factors, so let’s take a closer look.


How to Securely Lock Your Bike

Locking your bike is important and should be done anytime you’re parking your bike in a public place.  Unless there is a bike valet service – or pay-by-the-minute bike lockers – you’ll have to just lock it up outside.

Here is a quick video demonstrating the proper way to lock a bike:

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