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Archives for the day Monday, June 13th, 2011

The following is a list of stuff that has been accumulating on Ted’s desk.  A bunch of miscellaneous stuff that is not worth an article or the article is too much work so I have not gotten around to it.  I will start off with things that touch your skin in the order that I pick them up.

Miller Genuine Draft 64 lip balm – I actually like the lip balm.  It has no flavor and does the trick.  I bought some of the beer since they sponsored a race I ran and handed out the cool lip balm.  The beer does not suit my taste but it does help me lower the amount of alcohol I consume.

Aquaphor healing ointment – It is some cool stuff.  A bit of a mixture of Vaseline and Desitin in one package.  When I do long runs in hilly terrain, I get blisters on my toes, so a bit of Aquaphor helps prevent the blisters and it helps lubricate the sore toes after I get them to aid in recovery.  It’s also very good for chaffing from the running shorts after a long run.

Udder Smooth udder cream is a good lotion for massaging sore muscles after a workout.  It has a low odor and a reasonable price.  It is marketed as a lotion but I use it as a massage lotion.

Alpha-Flex pain reliever and massage cream is by far my favorite massage cream/lotion.  It works very well and does not have an icy/hot feel nor does it smell badly.  Unfortunately, it is very expensive.  For the price of a tube of Alpha-Flex, I can go get a professional leg massage.

Ironman muscle rub gel is an okay product that does the trick.  It has a very strong camphor smell to go along with the icy/hot feeling.

Shave Secret-I love shave secret.  I do not follow the instructions that come with the package.  I wash my face, apply the shave secret oil, and then I apply shaving cream and shave.   Sometimes, I apply the shave secret, shave with an electric shaver then shave as normal.

I also switch types of razors and types of shaving cream.  Doing little things like this, double and triple the life of my razors and I get a great shave.  Shave Secret is hard to find and they have competitors that are not quite as good but are similar.

This article is long enough so I will stop at creams and gels.