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Archives for the day Tuesday, June 14th, 2011

What a small world we live in!

Lance Armstrong and Tyler Hamilton are former USPS cycling teammates, and clearly won’t be exchanging Christmas cards anytime soon.  Not too long ago, Hamilton accused Armstrong of doping and lying about it during a ’60 Minutes’ interview.

Ouch.  I guess being so-called friends is out of the question…

Both guys ran into each other at a local restaurant in Colorado, which Armstrong frequents a few times per week when he’s in town.  It turns out that Outside Magazine and Hamilton were unaware Armstrong would be there, and Armstrong confronted Hamilton by the bar.

Here is what Hamilton said regarding the unexpected meeting in Colorado:

“He wanted to get into it. I was like, ‘Let’s step outside and talk away from the crowd, but he wouldn’t.”

Lance has a much more subdued version of the night’s events: I said, ‘Hey, what’s up? It was certainly awkward for both of us. It was truly uneventful.”

So, Lance and Tyler had an awkward exchange — and Tyler is no longer welcome at the Cache Cache restaurant — I still think Lance should have just walked away. The FBI is now involved and wants to view surveillance tapes from the night in question, because Lance probably should have just tried to avoid any contact at all.