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Nitro Trail Half Marathon

Another day, another Brazen half marathon in the East Bay Regional parks. I had a solid top 10 going for the whole race but the wheels fell off the bus at mile 10. My heart rate was up but I was just slowing down. I carried a bottle of water today as I usually do for trail half marathons. There were plenty of water stops along the way but I drink the water I carry. Today, I emptied my bottle on the first of two laps so I ditched it at the start/finish line. I should have stopped at an aid station to fill it up. The sun shine and 80 degree weather took a toll on me. My second lap was 7 minutes slower than my first and I suffered mightily.

The suffering was fine because most other people were suffering with me. I managed a top 20 and placed second in my age group. At the finish area, a lot of people were stretching their calf muscles out. A sure sign of dehydration. As much as I preach to you guys about paying attention to your surroundings, I still go out and make the same mistakes. I am just now starting to recover 6 hours later.

The EBRP district is awesome. If you live in Northern California or come out here to visit, I encourage you to visit the parks. We had the trail run that I did in Point Pinole and the See Jane Run Half marathon in Alameda, mostly on the EBRP trails.

Today was a great day. I am proud of everyone who got out and enjoyed it. For the rest of you readers who are on the fence about the activities, just get out and do it. Love life and enjoy your surroundings, where ever they are.

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