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Archives for the day Wednesday, June 16th, 2010

Should You Be Wearing Sneakers?

As someone who moved to California and started wearing flip flops almost every day during the spring and summers, I often wondered what, if any, physical damage the flip flops caused me.

I never bothered to look for an answer – and part of me didn’t want to hear an answer.  Years later, I’ve recently switched from flip flops more towards old running shoes and regular sneakers.   Ada on Twitter (@ProbalancePT) recently Tweeted an interesting article I want to discuss.

To put it simply:  “The more the shoe conforms to your foot, the better off your foot and leg will be,” according to a kinesiology assistant professor at the University of Louisiana-Lafayette.  “If it’s loose, your foot has to work harder to keep your flip-flop on.”

When I walk short distances, I honestly haven’t felt much of a difference between flip flops and shoes.  However, I notice it whenever walking for more than 10-to-15 minutes, and my feet and ankles begin to scream at me.

For anyone who feels the need to wear flip flops, try to find different models that have “deepened heel cups and defined arches”, they are better than regular sandals.  These models should help relieve stress that is added to the shin muscles while wearing normal flip fops.

Moral of the story: Flip-flops are okay if you’re casually walking on the beach or around the pool, but aren’t ideal for longer durations.  Since I’ve spent hours walking in several different pairs of flip-flops, I’m going to listen to the experts and wear sneakers more.