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Archives for the day Friday, June 25th, 2010

Another Place For Kabobs in Alameda!

This definitely isn’t related to running or exercise, but I wanted to post this since the blog you’re reading does have ‘Alameda’ in the title.

Image courtesy of The Island

If you’re a fan of kabobs, then look no further than the newly opened Kabob Central restaurant that is open for business but will have an official grand opening next week.  The restaurant is built in a former vacant storefront in Alameda, and invites the community to the grand opening on Tuesday (11:00 a.m.)

The new restaurant is located at 2306 Central Avenue (across the street from the Alameda Theatre).

I’m not the biggest fan of kabobs, but props to Kabob Central for opening up a business in a building that used to be abandoned.  A single comment on The Island blog doesn’t seem very supportive of the restaurant, but we’ll see what happens.

Tomorrow is my last trail half marathon of the season.  As you may know, we have been testing various running stuff since the site went on line back in March.  After I packed, I decided to post what actually made the cut.  I am not advocating any one product over another.  This is the equipment that I packed for the race.  All of the equipment listed here passed the test.  The biggest surprises for me are the Athletes honey milk and the Timex HRM.  I wonder how that made the cut over the Garmin 405?  Tomorrows run is going to be hilly and tough.  It would be nice know how far and how high I went.

I will do this again for my next half marathon in October.  I wonder what will change?  I know the shoes will change as tomorrow is my last run in them.  I ran more than 600 miles in them and I am pushing my luck.  That may be the reason I am wearing KT tape.

Race Gear
Shoes Asics – T941N with SuperFeet green insoles.
Road ID on shoe laces
Socks – SofSole
KT tape for calf relief from plantar faciitis pain on my lower calf
Underwear – Jockey  polyester/lycra
Running shorts – Asics
Tight long sleeve under shirt – Enso
Short sleeve undershirt – PB pro
Long sleeve top shirt – Jockey polyester spandex
Heart rate monitor – Timex Ironman race trainer
Hat – Under Armor
Maui Jim sunglasses
Nathan water carrier
Casio  Exilim camera
GU roctane
GU gel

Post race gear
Torex ice packs
Dollar store compression sleeves for ice packs
GU gel
bag of pretzels
Fig Newtons
Hammer bar cashew coconut
Athletes Honey milk (Chocolate and honey)
Cytomax bottled recovery drink

Please forgive all errors and missing links as the editor is out of town for a wedding.

When I chatted with GU, I was told by GU that it’s perfectly acceptable to eat an energy gel when not exercising, although I was curious what other companies would say. In a follow-up to the GU eating blog, Clif decided to discuss how customers should consume their products.

Clif’s Shot energy gel “is a fast-acting, easy-to-digest source of carbohydrates—your body’s preferred source of fuel during activity—and electrolytes. CLIF SHOT is primarily used by endurance athletes—cyclists, runners, mountain bikers, triathletes, and adventure racers to help sustain energy levels during exercise and competition.”

“At Clif Bar, of course we want you to eat our products, but we also want them to be eaten in the most health promoting way. If a healthy snack is what you crave, we recommend Luna, our new Clif C, and/or our new Clif Crunch.”

Since the products Clif mentioned are still new, it’s possible you may not have heard about them. Clif provides a basic breakdown of each product:

Clif C is a new, double layered fruit and nut bar made with all natural and organic ingredients that bring a delicious blend of flavors and textures to every bite. Clif Crunch is a new line of crunchy granola bars offering classic and original flavors made with all-natural and organic ingredients.”

The company continued:

Clif Crunch is a new line of crunchy granola bars offering classic and original flavors made with all-natural and organic ingredients.”

I haven’t tried products from the Clif C and Clif Crunch product lines just yet, but have had great experiences with past Clif products. The company is able to provide tasty, organic, and healthy treats that are beneficial for athletes – but still taste good.