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Archives for the day Wednesday, June 2nd, 2010

I first stumbled upon Detour Runner after suffering through the Tilden Ten a few weeks ago.  I never had the company’s products, nor have I even heard of the company before the race.  I snagged a couple of bars from the table to snack on during the ride home — which I didn’t do, as I was unsure if I’d be able to keep it down — but promised to eat and write a review later.

I decided to go for a six-mile run and trip to the gym before I reviewed the Detour Runner bar.

The first review is for the Detour Chocolate Peanut Butter energy bar, which has 210 calories, 60 calories from fat, 8g sugar, and 12g of protein.  It has the right amount of calories and protein to be healthy and useful while remaining beneficial to the body.

Taste is normally the biggest problem with energy and protein bars, as most of them taste rather disgusting.  The Detour Runner bar tastes extremely tasty — in fact, it is one of the tastiest recovery bars I’ve ever eaten.

It doesn’t exactly taste like a chocolate peanut butter candy bar, but it’s still tasty considering it has 12 grams of protein (which seemingly destroys the taste of a lot of recovery bars).  It also has just 8 grams of sugar, but it’s still sweet enough to enjoy.

Individual bars can be purchased for $1.89 each, or a box of 12 is available for $17.88.

In addition to Detour Runner, Detour also offers the Detour Biker, Detour Yoga, Original Detour, Lower Sugar Detour, Oatmeal Detour, and Lean Muscle Detour.  I hope to try some other varieties in the future, but have not seen the Detour bars in any of our local stores.

Editors note:  This is by far the best tasting protein product tested yet!