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Archives for the day Friday, June 11th, 2010

“Get out and do it” Friday notes

This weekend is athletes heaven for the Northern California tribe of readers.  The weather is supposed to be perfect all over the place.  I often vary my Saturday long workout routines to match the weather.  This weekend I am spoiled for choice.  There are so many options, I am going to stick with my plan that I wrote up in March!  I will bring my wet suit to the bay in case I want to add a swim at the last minute.  I encourage all of you readers to get out and do something this weekend.  I packed so much into last weekend that it felt like I was coming off vacation when I went back to work on Monday.  Just get out and do it!

Saturday 6/11/10, is the day I put the Hammer product line through the Ted tests.  I am going to workout for about 5 hours consuming nothing but hammer products.  If I make it home to write about my day, Hammer passed.  If I wind up in the hospital with the emergency crews testing my road ID, the test did not go so well.

It appears that I created a bit of stir when I singled out Yoplait yogurt as a bad food in my dieting article.  I heard so much about how Yoplait is fat free and it has dairy yogurt cultures and so on and so on.  I stand by my implication of Yoplait being junk food.  I don’t really have a problem with junk food.  You just have to be careful about how much you consume.  Pick your battles.  If Yoplait is your choice of junk food that is fine.  I would rather have chocolate or a cheeseburger as my junk food.

Here are some quick links to what I found on yogurt.  I have a link for Voskos Greek Yogurt because they sell it in the Oakland Whole foods.  I am not a big fan of Voskos but it is high quality and tastes decently enough.  I love Greek Gods Yogurt but it is very high in fat and about half the people in the link are not fans.  Of course there is a link to

If you get out for a 5 hour workout this weekend, you can eat anything you want afterwards providing your stomach is up for it.  Enjoy the weekend!

Very interesting thoughts on doping…

I’ll have an article related to doping (again) sometime prior to the start of the Tour de France next month.

If you’re looking for a running race later this month, the Brazen Racing Bear Creek Half Marathon (10K/5K also available) event will take place on Saturday, June 26.

The event will take place in the East Bay Regional Park District’s Briones Regional Park.  I haven’t explored Briones before, but the course looks very challenging!  Alameda Runners will be represented by Ted, as I’ll be in the Sierra Nevada foothills for a wedding.

Brazen had this to say regarding its upcoming race:

The cut-off for regular registration is this Sunday (6/13).  This is also the deadline for guaranteed t-shirts, so if you want to be sure you get yours in the size you want, register before the end of Sunday.

Also, due to parking issues, the park has asked us to keep the number of participants more or less equal to our last race there (about 400).  Right now we are on track for that, but if we get a rush of sign-ups, we might have to shut down registration.  We’d hate to turn anyone away, so if you’re planning to run, we recommend signing up as soon as possible!

If you’re not quite ready for the course, Brazen still welcomes volunteers (my opinion about volunteers can be found here) for the race.

Brazen’s Bear Creek website is available here, with course info (looks like a tough day) available here.