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Archives for the day Saturday, June 26th, 2010

Brazen Racing – Bear Creek 2010

Today was another great event put on by Brazen Racing at Briones Park in the East Bay.  There were hills every where.  There were stunning views to go along with every hill.  I particularly enjoy running on the single track trails through the woods.  I hope I don’t get poison oak.  I thank the volunteers all through the course.  They were friendly and great.  Being from Alameda, I am not used to running in that heat.  The last two aid stations had sponges in a bucket of ice water that a friendly volunteer would happily squeeze on my head.  I took them up on the offer at both aid stations.

I had a good photo day today.  I wound up with two pages worth of pictures.  For those of you on the east coast and living in Europe, I highly recommend looking through the picture pages.  It gives you a good idea why we live in California in spite of the high cost of living and screwy politics.

I would like to give a shout out to Doctor Johanna Lelke from for coming out to give out massages and treatment advice for our running injuries.  I am always amazed at how the trained professionals can find the sore spots just from getting general directions.  Thank you for being there.

This blog entry is all about Alameda! Alameda Runners continues to grow (thanks to both old and newer readers), and we’re beginning to receive feedback from more people in the East Bay. Today I want to share some of the Alameda newspapers and blogs that provide current events focused on Alameda and the East Bay.

(Even if you’re not familiar with the SF East Bay, it could be neat to hear about some of the issues in such a unique, fascinating community.)

SFGate (San Francisco Chronicle online) Alameda Blog: Provides a lot of Alameda-related news regarding news and current events on the island.

The Island: An excellent Alameda-themed news site spearheaded by Michele Ellson, and she does a great job with The Island.

Alameda Journal: Very good newspaper. It isn’t locally owned or operated, but the newspaper’s format is good and the articles are well written. There also is the Alameda Journal Blog that is worth the read.

Alameda Sun: The locally owned and operated newspaper in Alameda, which makes me an instant fan. I honestly prefer the Alameda Journal’s newspaper layout better, but enjoy the Alameda Sun content more.

If you know of any other Alameda blogs and Web sites, feel free to let me know. I’d love to read more news.