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Archives for the day Thursday, June 10th, 2010

Just like most cyclists, I’ve dreamed and longed for a chance to ride a road bike in the mountains of Italy or France, or on the famed cobbles.  I’ve seen an increase in tourism companies catering to rich cyclists looking to explore Europe, while there has been a more silent rise in mountain biking and road riding adventures closer to home.

I’ve seen reports of amazing journeys across Cuba, with at least one Alameda cyclist saying he enjoyed a recent trip to the Dominican Republic.  I know baseball and soccer are extremely popular sports in the Dominican Republic, but didn’t realize mountain biking is growing in popularity — increasing so much, a mountain bike resort will open in the country.

I stumbled across this article on Wend Magazine’s website — which links to the original source, hosted at Dominican Today — that discusses the new resort.

The proposed ParkVida resort, expected to open by Oct. 31, 2011, will feature downhill, cross-country, dirt jump, free ride, cyclocross, and street events.

“We are excited about the promise associated with our intended acquisition,” said Ruairidh Campbell, chief executive officer of Montana. “Mountain biking has become the activity of choice for many outdoor enthusiasts yet the number of full-service facilities dedicated to this growing industry is limited.” Mr. Campbell stated, “I believe that ParkVida will attract bikers from around the world for its exotic location and mountain bike specific amenities.”

If opened, I wonder how many foreign mountain bikers will be up for the trip to the DR to ride at ParkVida.  I imagine a multi-million dollar marketing ploy in the United States and Canada will take place — but it could be worth the adventure.

Similar to a ski resort, once the on-mountain activities are finished, visitors will be able to enjoy the amenities at the “six-star” resort.

Ted’s view of dieting

People seem to think I eat bird seed and fish because I am skinny.  I am always being asked why I am drinking milk or coffee.  I often hear “I didn’t know you could eat that.”  I am also asked by people why their latest magic diet is not working and I can drink chocolate milk with whole milk.

Dieting is a life long commitment to nutrition.  It is really hard to be nutrition conscious in today’s highly processed food climate.  The marketers and food manufacturers are good at making bad things look healthy.  I have a few rules that I live by for healthy eating.

Drink lots of water
Drink iced tea or a similar drink.  Add real sugar for sweetness.
Eat real yogurt
Eat 3-4 meals a day
Eat loin cuts of meat
Eat free range meat
Eat organic food
Use real butter
Carbs are good
Some fat is good
Eat what you like
Moderation is key
Occasional junk food is ok
Indulge in good chocolate

Eliminate the soda (diet soda too)
Eliminate the diet foods
Eliminate the high fructose corn syrup.  It is a lot harder than you may think.
Do not skip meals
Do not snack or mooch
Do not replace meals with workout recovery food
Avoid empty calories
Avoid margarine
Stop eating when you are full
Avoid cheap chocolate (never waste calories on something average)
Do not be a couch potato

A lot of what I say here is easy and makes sense.  A lot of is hard and is against what we are told by marketers.  A lot of it is expensive.  I can’t afford to eat all organic and free range food, especially organic loin cuts of meat.  Do the best you can.  Watch out for the sneaky stuff like Yoplait yogurt that looks healthy but it is just a chemical bomb full of bad calories.

The bottom line of dieting – burn more calories than you consume.  Good calories build good muscles, bad calories don’t.