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Archives for the day Monday, June 14th, 2010

The ability to try a wide variety of cycling and running products has given me a much better understanding of which energy gels, supplements, and recovery products to use.  I try to portray my experiences with various products to you guys as best as I can — if you have any specific questions, don’t hesitate to ask!  Today I’ll share my initial thoughts on the Honey Stinger Ginsting flavor energy gel I tested during a recent longer, slow run in Alameda.

The Honey Stinger Ginsting energy gel has 120 calories per gel, 50mg sodium, 85mg potassium, 32mg caffeine, 29g total carbs, and 29g sugar.  Similar to the Honey Stinger Gold, which is a honey flavor that doesn’t have added flavors, the Ginsting just adds a boost of caffeine.

First and foremost:  Honey Stinger gels are sweet.  Considering the company is called Honey Stinger, and honey is the main ingredient, you should probably expect it to be sweet.  I enjoy the added sweetness and sugar provided by the honey — but be sure to wash the gel down with water or electrolyte drink!

If you’re not a fan of sweet candies or something really sweet while out racing, Honey Stinger may not be the best product.  As always, I strongly recommend trying Hammer (and any other gel) on a training run before deciding to use it on race day — as tempting as it can be, leave the sample energy gels and other goodies in the bag!

Full review available after the jump.