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Archives for the day Sunday, May 2nd, 2010

The Mission Peak Striders meet at the Coyote Hills Regional Park the first Saturday of each month.  If you noticeTed’s Schedule I published, it puts me in the Coyote Hills park for Saturday distance training which offered me the perfect opportunity to meet up with the Striders.

The Striders are a group of very friendly people of all abilities who organize trail runs in the Fremont area.  I picked a tough day to meet up with them as a large group was off running a distance relay and the park was closed the morning we were supposed to meet.  We managed to get together and go out for a jog.  The group that did show up all made me feel very welcome.  I have a short photo page because it was a small group and I did not feel up to chasing people down to get their pictures.

After my run with the Striders, I went out for a bike ride through the park with the intention of doing some hill repeats.  I was so worn out, I skipped the last 10 miles of hill repeats.  While I was suffering on the bike, I was thinking to myself how I am not worthy of a shiny new bike.  I will get stronger as the training season progresses.  I hope I do not get injured.

Team Type 1 :

We strive to instill hope and inspiration for people around the world affected by diabetes. With appropriate diet, exercise, treatment and technology, we believe anyone with diabetes can achieve their dreams.

I wrote about Team Type 1 a few days ago, so feel free to check it out.