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Archives for the day Friday, May 14th, 2010

Since I am still in an explaining mood, here are some more thoughts on information provided in the magazine that I mentioned in a previous article.  The two biggest things that all magazines say in a lot of different ways is to just do it and get rid of the high fructose corn syrup.  I am not saying that high fructose corn syrup is bad (I am saying that) but switching to sugar tastes better and you use less.  On to my thoughts.

  • Whey Protein – When we exercise, our bodies burn fuel that is stored from food, fat and muscle.  Proteins feed the muscles.  Feeding strained muscles helps to build strength and aid in recovery.  The older you get, the more you care about recovery.
  • Nuts and trail mix – It is amazing what your body burns during a long workout.  Trail mix is loaded with salt, sugars, chocolate and lots of other stuff that makes it taste great during a long day on the road.
  • Equipment advertisements – When it comes time to purchase exercise equipment, you can never have enough information.  The stuff is expensive and it is hard to get something that is just right.  Most companies wind up adding as many things as financially feasible in an attempt to suit our variable desires.  It is common to like things that you did not want in the first place.  Sometimes, our attitudes can make it very difficult for manufacturers.
  • Tips – We all need tips for our daily lives.  I tend to forget to slow down on my long runs.  I seem to have a hard time accepting the fact that long, slow run means to run slowly.  As I get older, I realize most of my injuries are from excess, wasted harder efforts.
  • Organics – I have been gravitating towards organic food for a few years now.  I notice that it has a better taste.  In some cases, I just notice the taste.
  • Injury prevention and treatment – It is amazing how many little things can go wrong when you exercise a lot.  Marathon training causes all sorts of injuries from road rash (falls) to a plain old rash under your arms.  Who thought up the idea to use diaper rash cream on a body rash?  I like to swim in the bay.  Drinking coffee is better than water after a long swim because it helps combat hypothermia.  The water zealots will come after me for that comment but they have never had to deal with limbs that refuse to work after a long, cold swim.
  • Fitness – We tend to think one sport will give us complete fitness.  One sport is great for getting into shape and possibly staying there.  If you want to move on to bigger things, you will need to cross train.  If you look at my calendar, it is full of cross training.  Of course, my main event for any given year is probably going to be a triathlon.

So there you have it.  More explanations on things that are simple, after you know them.

I don’t pick up sports magazines anymore for a variety of reasons.  Now that Michael has started running, he signed up for a subscription to Runners World.

I picked up a copy and was quite surprised by the amount of information in one magazine for athletes of all levels.  I am going to comment on a few of the things I noticed in the magazine.

  • GNC – Good vitamin store.  Whey protein – Muscle and recovery supplement.
  • Nuts – I love my nuts for long work outs.
  • View points – We all see things from a different perspective.
  • Success stories – Help for motivation.
  • Q&A – See what other people are asking.
  • Equipment ads – One way to find what is available.
  • General tips – Like my running and happiness post.
  • Performance tips – Help you improve your performance.
  • Organics – I have been gravitating to organic food for a few years.
  • Injury prevention – See what have other people tried for similar injuries.
  • Injury prevention – See exercises to prevent injuries.
  • Overall fitness – What is your overall fitness?
  • Overall fitness exercises – It is more than just running.
  • Shoes – It is nice to get information about different shoes.  Your feet will take a pounding.
  • Garmin 110 advertisement – I love my Garmin 405 but it is complicated.
  • Calendar of events with reviews – Some events are just awesome.

I am not plugging any one magazine.  Runners World was the magazine I picked up.  I am fairly certain that any exercise magazine will be full of information too.  Runners World has been around for a long time and there must be a reason why.

If you are new to running, it is nice to see what others are doing.  It can be hard to listen to one or two sources when things don’t seem natural.  A magazine is one more source to help you decide if you want to try something or not.