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I just noticed that the wheels fell off the bus.  It has been over a year since my last post.  For various reasons, I got away from running and running related activities and gained about 30 pounds.  I just set a goal for myself to place in a race in 2016.  I am usually humble with my goals and finishing is my goal.  I am moving into a new age group (55-59, if you are wondering), this give me a chance to place.  Placing in a race is very hard.  I may not meet my goal but I am going to try.

Ted’s rules for for a goal.  Note; Ted is Alamedarunners

  1. Create a goal.
  2. It does not matter what the goal is, come up with a goal.
  3. Work toward the goal
  4. I have a lofty goal; I will start by getting out and running.
  5. Find a target event
  6. Create a training plan around my lifestyle
  7. Find ways to implement the plan
  8. Do not give up
  9. Do my best to achieve my goal.
  10. To do my best in achieving my goal, I must do my best in training.
  11. No excuses.

I post my goals because I know that I used to have a lot of readers who followed me and took what I said to heart.  This site was created to help others.  My current goal is to help me.  I hope that my selfish objective will help others in their ambitions to help themselves.

This site was created to help a group of people obtain their goal of finishing the inaugural Oakland running festivals half marathon.  Now, I am using the site to help me with my own ambitions to get back into shape.  I may never meet my earlier standards but I hope to get better than I am today.

  • For the record, the inaugural Oakland running festival was about 6-7 years ago.
  • I could run a half marathon in about 1 hour 40 minutes.
  • I wore a size 28 waist.
  • I weighed about 130 pounds
  • I now squeeze into size 34 pants
  • I weigh close to 170 pounds
  • I don’t know if I can run 13 miles.

I have goal.  It is a start.

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