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Archives for the day Saturday, May 8th, 2010

It seems auto makers enjoy supporting the endurance community with sponsored professional athletes and events.  To learn more about this mutual partnership, I reached out to Subaru to learn more about the company’s sponsorship.

Perhaps you or someone you know own a vehicle made by Subaru — the brand is extremely popular among athletes.  It’s not uncommon to go to a triathlon or ski town and find many cars made by the Japanese car maker.

“The Subaru brand is known as the brand for people with active lifestyles. The reason is that Subaru vehicles provide their owners with the capability, durability and dependability to get them where they want to go,” Subaru recently told Alameda Runners.  “As more people realized that they too, are adventure seekers, they also recognized that Subaru is the right vehicle brand for them.”

Subaru has extended its efforts in the sports community with a partnership with the Gary Fisher bike manufacturer to team the Subaru-Gary Fisher Mountain Bike Team.

“Subaru is a perfect fit for the Gary Fisher brand as our vehicles come standard with All-Wheel Drive technology, providing the team with go-anywhere capabilities and the team likes to go on challenging rides.”

Subaru also disclosed how this helps cater to the right people interested in purchasing a car:

” (It) provides an outlet that allows us to introduce our vehicles to like-minded, outdoorsy and adventure-seeking people. That is why you will see Subaru vehicles at trail heads, snowy mountain tops and sandy areas in the sunbelt region where traction is essential to getting around safely.”

Expect Subaru to continue catering to its selective group of customers in the future by using sponsorships, advertising, and  similar measures in the future.  The company has seen growing sales last year, and hopes to keep that momentum going forward.

“We are consistent in our approach to marketing and about who we are as a brand and it has really paid off for us. In 2009, Subaru had its best sales year in the history of the company and we were the only manufacturer with a sales increase in 2008.”

Still love my 1994 Subaru Legacy with almost 200,000 miles, even though it’s now showing its age.

Brad Ziegler is a relief pitcher for the Oakland A’s baseball team who I follow on Twitter.  Don’t ask me how I started following him as I usually follow less than 20 people and I am no fan of sports.  I am usually busy doing my own thing, such as writing this shout out.  Brad usually lets you know how he feels at the moment he is posting on Twitter.  He sometimes gets into trouble for not being politically correct but I wonder how many of the politically correct complainers spend time in the schools reading to children or go help out at the local hospital.

A lot of times, it only takes a little bit of time or effort to make someone’s life a little better and we often let the opportunity slip by.

Brad Ziegler is the first role model for Alameda Runners.  The following section is a list of quotes from bradziegler on Twitter.  I have arranged some of the paragraphs together as they get posted on Twitter out of order.  I don’t have a journalistic handbook but I assume it is proper to put quotes around the whole page and call it good.

“But first, going w/ a couple other guys to visit some oncology & rehab patients at Oakland Children’s Hospital – can’t WAIT to see the kids!  Around 20 guys showed up today for Oakland Children’s Hospital visit…and, man, did those kids touch our lives… Appendix-removal patient, Jocelin – with (R to L) me, Powell, Cahill, and Anderson, Dallas: brain surgery patientGerald – 15 months old

Ziegler winds up for Pastime for Patriots

Reading to 170 4th and 5th graders at Lydiksen Elementary in Pleasanton

Not that I’m looking ahead at all, but just a reminder: Saturday we have a 1:00 game against the Rays and it is our Armed Forces Day.  The A’s are graciously letting me use that day to officially launch Pastime For Patriots (PFP). I’m SO excited! Hope you can come out and help me get PFP off to a great start! There will be a couple donation tables on the concourse, and all donations would be appreciated no matter how big or how small. & spreading the word would be appreciated, too! It’s also Andrew Bailey bobblehead day! So more incentive!! Read more… »