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Group runs

Let me start out by saying – I love group runs!

A lot of people are nervous about doing group runs or working out with a group.  I hear a lot of reasons why people don’t want to join a group.  I think the number one reason people don’t join a group is because they are afraid of something.

Afraid of being dropped
Afraid of being bad-mouthed or teased
They don’t want to be seen at the back of the pack
Nervous of being around people who are in great shape
Don’t want to commit to a routine

Do any of these excuses sound familiar?  If they do, don’t worry.  Most experienced people who run with groups, understand group running and what it is like to be the new guy.  We all started at one time.  Most of us understand what it is like to be a beginner and run at the beginners pace.

Don’t worry about being at the back of the pack.  When I did my first triathlon, I did not care where I finished.  I wanted to finish.  As I progressed, my goals changed accordingly.  I am racing in a half ironman triathlon next week.  My goal is to finish healthy.  Every now and then, I will pick a half marathon that is suited to me and try to place in my age group.  I the idea is to get out and do it.  Have fun while you are doing it.

Group runs can be fun for everyone.  Last week, I went out on a group run and wound up with someone who wanted to pick up the pace and distance.  Since he was tired, I did all of the talking.  Since I am training for a long triathlon, that is all I have to talk about.  When we got back from the run, my running partner was telling the group to run with me because you hear the craziest things.  I told him about how tired I get after a 6 hour bike ride if I don’t eat properly.  To me that is normal.  To most people, it is odd.

Get out on a group run.  You will add something to the group.  The more people who are in the group the better options there are for everyone.

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