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Archives for the day Wednesday, May 26th, 2010

Running is an activity that some people don’t enjoy because of the stress it puts on the body.  Doctors and physical therapists often times recommend the sport of cycling as a healthy, less physically stressful activity that still provides major health benefits.

This recent Women’s Health article (published on lists the reasons why riding a bike is a great alternative to driving, running, or walking around town.  A lot of people who haven’t tried commuting around town by bike don’t realize how easy it is to burn calories even if they’re not dropping the hammer down during a tempo ride.

Christine Mattheis lists the following reasons why pedaling is a great way to get in shape and stay healthy:  It burns calories, you can do it “on go, tones riders all over, helps boost energy, save joints, and provides a full body workout.  I agree with the points she makes, and hope the article helps convince a couple of people to spend some time in the saddle.

I’m currently working on developing my base miles for a journey up Mt. Shasta in early August, and enjoy the physical challenges of cycling.  After a couple of hours of riding, I burn calories slowly but without injury – and recovery is much faster than after a hard run.

The sport of professional cycling continues to battle organized doping and the use of performance enhancing drugs in the pro peloton – an uphill battle that the anti-doping agencies believe they’re winning.

I know it’s extremely confusing and difficult to figure out all of these medical terms related to the drugs and methods behind cheating – and why these practices are banned.

Before I became a cyclist that wakes up every morning at ungodly hours to watch the Tour de France, I honestly didn’t care about the drugs these guys pumped into their bodies.  As my fascination with cycling continued to grow, I began to study the secretive, yet effective art of doping.

To help avoid going through the trouble of trying to explain it, and risk making a mistake, I’ll provide several online resources that are worth reading.  This Wall Street Journal blog goes into detail related to blood doping/transfusions, EPO, steroids, HGH use, and so-called “genetic doping.”

After the jump, I also provide links to a couple of different articles related to cheating…