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Archives for the day Wednesday, May 19th, 2010

Ted recently ordered two cases of Cytomax Performance Enhanced Drink from, and I was kind enough to drink a bottle after a five-mile run.

This is my kind of recovery drink (when I’m not in a mood for a whey protein shake).  I like Gatorade, but regular Gatorade is too sugary and makes my stomach queasy if I drink too much of it after a hard work out.

I tried out the Citrus flavor that tastes sweet but actually isn’t too sweet.

An 8 oz. serving of the drink has 50 calories, 55mg sodium, 30mg potassium, 12g carbs, and just 3g of sugar.  The entire bottle has 130 calories, 140mg sodium, 75mg potassium, 33g carbs, and 7g of sugar.

The CytoSport website has a list of the scientific benefits of the new Cytomax, but I honestly don’t know enough about that to explain it to you.

From BulkNutrition it was about $1 per bottle, so it’s not a ridiculous amount to pay for a tasty treat.  I don’t honestly want to purchase cases of this stuff (especially online), but it’s definitely something I’ll drink again.

Mike’s Note:  I have a bottle of Gatorade Recover drink I picked up from Safeway, and will have a review published sometime in the next couple of days.

Ted’s Note:  I have been trying different recovery drinks for a few months now.  It is a real treat to have something that tastes good for a change.  A 20 ounce bottle is 2.5 servings with 7.5 grams of sugar.  After a hard workout, I am tossing down the whole bottle and not worry about the calories.  I am smiling at the thought of not having to choke something down tomorrow.  My coworkers will have to find something else to bet on, now that I won’t get sick from my recovery drink.