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The Joy of Half Marathons

Why run a half marathon?

Half marathons successfully transitioned from obscure running event to new popular running craze for casual athletes across the United States.

Here is what Wade Morehead, Houston Marathon Committee executive director, told Competitor:

“The half-marathon is a great achievement that requires preparation and training. [They are a] great way to get race experience as you build toward your first marathon or to run in between marathons to stay in shape and enjoy what race day offers.”

Besides less physical and mental dedication than a full marathon, many runners find half marathons to be ideal because there is less time commitments required. No longer, slow runs of 20+ miles, 4:00 hours of run time, which also means increasing mileage is easier.

Many experienced runners don’t taper for a half marathon, while beginners do have a few things to think about before race day.

Most beginner half marathon training plans call for runners to log three to four runs, averaging 20-25 miles per week, and run a half marathon safely.  Nutrition is a lot easier for a half marathon, because runners don’t empty our glycogen reserves and need to follow strict diets and nutritional plans.

There is a great demand for half marathon races, with more than 30 new half marathons making their debut in 2012, and that number could increase in the future.

Don’t forget an added bonus to half marathons: The atmosphere at half marathons tends to be more festive and jovial among the casual runners. Even when nervous about running a half marathon, there is less stress than full marathons and other events which require additional training.

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