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Archives for September, 2013

I am a fan of organic and natural foods.  I am also a triathlete with a lousy metabolism for endurance sports.  My body does not seem to be able to digest most foods and gels when it goes into endurance mode.  That is a nice way of saying I often get sick or bonk when I do endurance events.  I subconsciously know that I will get sick when I eat something, so I always avoid eating.

Skout Natural sent me a complete set of their products for review a few months ago and I just could not bring myself to write about them.  Every time I looked at the label, I felt that I should be in a Berkeley coffee shop drinking chai tea while writing the review on an Apple computer.  If you are wondering, I am at home drinking Starbucks coffee while typing on a Linux computer.  Sometimes, we need to shed our preconceived notions and move on.

Full review after the jump: 

Someone Hire Ted King!

Team Cannondale rider Ted King doesn’t have a contract for next season yet, with teams filling up rosters from an increased pool of talented riders to choose from.

Here is what he recently told Cycling News:

“I’m still in the contract hunt. It’s a tough year. It’s nice to see things like [Formula 1 star Fernando] Alonso coming in and salvaging a team, but there’s a lot of talk of a few teams folding and a lot of teams shrinking. So that certainly puts a lot of people out on the market.”

It’s true that King will face a larger amount of other riders seeking contracts in the ProTour peloton, but he’s a very good domestique when working for others. For both Team Liquigas and now Cannondale, King has done a great job working on the front of the peloton, namely working for Peter Sagan.

Poor King crashed during stage 1 of the 2013 Tour de France, and then was time cut from the stage 4 team time trial when he missed the cut by a mere five seconds. Even worse, his family just landed in France to follow his first crack at the biggest cycling race of the year.

(Image Courtesy: Team Cannondale)