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Archives for June, 2013

Review: Technogel Contour Pillow

Sleep is important for the rest and rehabilitation of the human body – it doesn’t matter if you’re an athlete needing muscle recovery time, or a full-time office worker sitting at the desk all day.

A quality mattress, comfortable sheets, and good pillow all help you fall asleep and comfortably, with research proving how important a good night of rest is, both physically and mentally.

I’ve had a pillow made by Technogel for a number of months now, and it has proven to be the best pillow I’ve ever owned.  The Technogel Sleeping Contour pillow is a product from a very respectable company that is gaining a stronger footprint in North America.

The first few days can be difficult as you try to learn the most comfortable position for your head on the pillow, because there is no  push-back on the shoulder for folks that sleep on their stomach. However, I prefer to sleep on my back so using the Contour is ideal, even if I don’t necessarily have neck, back or shoulder pain.

One of the best aspects I found about the pillow is that if I placed my head on the pillow, there were no general areas of indentations – the pillow molds itself so ensures the surface remains the same.

The cover is 100% cotton and the standard size pillow measures 26”x16”x4.5”, but please keep me in mind that the pillow have some bulk.

From Technogel:

“Note that our pillows are much heavier than what you may be used to, and what we classify as a ‘standard size’ is actually a full queen so I would only recommend a king size pillow if you have a really large bed.”

On a warm evening, the pillow does a good job of staying cool, offering a more comfortable surface prior to bed.

You can find the pillows at brick and mortar stores including Mattress Discounters and Sleep Train Mattress Centers here in Northern California.

This is by far the best – and most expensive – pillow I’ve ever owned, and sleeping on anything else now feels uncomfortable.  If you’re interested in learning about what Technogel pillow would be right for you, please visit to read about all of the company’s pillows.

I challenge any other pillow makers to take the challenge and try to top it.

Triathlon equipment preparation



I was getting my stuff ready for an International distance triathlon when I decided to take a picture and post my plan.  I am packing up to drive a few hours to the race location where I will spend the night in a hotel then ride my bike about 5 miles to the race start area.

It is always a good idea to create a list of triathlon gear you are going to use and how you are going to use the gear.  You can organize the list in any order that suits you.  For this event, I used a towel on the floor, the equipment and a picture as my list.  My list shown below is based on importance of the equipment.  Some things are just required for most triathlons.

Bike – Tuned and in good working order
Bike helmet – I am not a good one to ask about helmet requirements.  If it fits, I am happy.
Running shoes – I have the added optional upgrades from RoadID and SuperFeet inserts.
Bike shoes – Running shoes will work but your feet will hurt and you will lose power on the hills.
Shorts – I have some Snazzy TYR Tri shorts that work well for all 3 events.  Any shorts will work but I really like the tri shorts.  The pockets are in good places and they don’t chaffe.
Shirt – Required at most races and they protect your back from the sun.

Bike pump – I like to pump up the tires right before I leave for the race.
Water bottles – I have 3 bottles
One to rinse my feet after the swim
One for the bike that is filled with an electrolyte mix
One bottle of water for the bike
This course is very hot for me.  I will drink half the electrolyte before I get on the bike and drink one bottle of water on the bike.  I will discard both bottles at the bike water stop for fresh ones, filled with cold water.
Two towels – one for the ground and one to use after the race.
Bike gloves – Just in case I feel like wearing them.
Body glide – Great for preventing chaffing from the wet suit.  It also protects your neck from the sun.
Food – I bring it but I probably won’t eat much.  I will probably eat a stinger waffle after the swim.
Spi Belt with bib hangars – A great place to put your bib and it only takes one clip to put it on.
Socks to help prevent blisters on your feet.
Super thin underwear – Some people like them, some don’t.  I like them.
Swim goggles – tested and adjusted to fit properly.
Multi-tool kit for bikes – In case something goes wrong while getting ready for the race.
Wet-suit –  fit tested with operational zipper.  I like to lubricate the zipper with body glide.
Bike pouch:
Spare tube
CO2 dispenser
CO2 cartridges (2)
Tire levers
Spare tube
Patch kit
First aid kit
Allen wrenches 3,4 & 5 mm
Bag to carry goods to and from the start line.
Sunglasses are in the car and I have not made up my mind on the bike jersey yet.

Prepare for your distance.  For my current level of fitness, an Olympic distance triathlon is a short event where I don’t need to worry about nutrition.  I do have to worry about the heat and water.  Practice with your equipment, including nutrition before the event.