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Archives for the day Saturday, April 17th, 2010

East Bay Running Club

Today we went out and did a run with the East Bay Running Club. It is a club that is run by Jon Strishak, and he  does a very nice job. You can find their site here. Feel free to drop in on any event posted. The Saturday long runs cost $5.00 for drop-in runners or free for members.

Jon does not make a profit off the drop in fees. It just helps him cover his costs. It does take a lot of effort to run a club so I appreciate his hard work and dedication.

Today’s run was a 10K around Lake Elizabeth in Fremont, California that happened to be timed with bibs. It is always fun running with a bib and someone timing you. There were about 15 of us out there running today. All vying for the top prizes with a photo finish at the end for the top prize. We had a lot of fun. Rule #1 of the pre-race instructions was to introduce yourself to three other runners. We started late because we were busy introducing to everyone. Friendly organized runs are so nice.

They had a post run breakfast at one of the local restaurants that I skipped out on. I like to be social but it is a bit tough to eat a meal and then cycle. If I was by myself I would have eaten anyway but I had someone with me who wanted to run. Eating and cycling is OK but eating and running is bad. Check out the East Bay Running Club web site.

I have my own training schedule but I am going to run with them whenever our paths cross. I have no problem doing a run then driving off to do a bike ride.