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Archives for the day Sunday, April 25th, 2010

Alameda Run 4 Education

Today, Michael and I represented Alamedarunners at the run 4 education 5k run.  It was a bit difficult for us because we ran a tough half marathon in Wildcat canyon yesterday.  After the first half mile, I realized my legs were tired then I put it on cruise and had a good time.  I was dominated by some little guys on the local cross country teams.  It is fun to be involved with their excitement.  They did not want some old guy to catch up to them in any way, shape or form.

The photos are located here

The weather was perfect for a 5k.  It was a balmy 75 degrees today.  Two waves of the little guys started out with a 100-yard dash down the street that was so cute.  All of those little legs spinning down a course lined by parents and big people who were standing by to make sure nobody strayed out into the street.  It was also comical to watch as some parents ran behind their kids, encouraging them to try and beat the kids around them.

Next up was the 5k.  I can’t say too much about it because I was running.  I can say the course was lined with cones and Alameda Police Volunteers.  The volunteers were friendly and cheering everyone on as we ran by.  We even had chip timing for the run.  I assume the chips and timing system were donated but it was a nice touch for a small event.  They set up a stage for some local entertainment afterward.

We got to listen to live music from the high school kids while were hanging out getting drinks and waiting for a massage.  A big shout out to Ada from ProBalance physical therapy who was out donating her time to give out massages to earn money for the schools.  Ada helped out with massages and tips to prevent injuries from the tight muscles she was massaging.

I was just a runner who was basically donating the $25 entry fee to help the local community but I am glad I did.  I feel privileged to be able to do some small part to help the community.  Alamedarunners began as a concept to get the runners in Alameda together for events and training.

We are still learning about the responsibility that comes with a growing site and how the community relies on all of us to get things done.  I realize we all tend to live in isolation because of our training routines but we should get together more often to get to know each other.  We are slowly coming together and we are slowly learning how to come together with the community.  Hopefully we will have a better turn out from Alamedarunners next year.  It would have helped if I knew about the event and advertised it but that is all part of the learning experience.

Today’s short blog entry has a simple message:  Thank the volunteers!

It’s a simple enough request that truly goes a long way with the people organizing and helping support the events we sign up for.  The volunteers are unpaid, usually get a T-shirt and the simple satisfaction that they were able to help out at an event.  It’s not a glamorous job – and sometimes is very demanding – but it’s an effort that very few are willing to make.

As someone who has volunteered and participated in organized events, a simple “thank you” really makes a difference.  Remember that volunteers have a vital role in the way an event shapes up — and can impact how much fun some athletes have before completing an event.

(If you’re an athlete who has never volunteered, I’d strongly recommend finding a local race and signing up to volunteer.  It’s a great experience, and it’s neat to see a race from a different perspective.)