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Archives for the day Tuesday, April 27th, 2010

Injuries tend to be an unfortunate part of running, cycling, and endurance athletics.  Many of us have suffered from sprains, strains, and other nasty little injuries.  Perhaps you’ve occasionally seen athletes wearing brightly colored pieces of tape, but still don’t know what this tape is for.

To explain the basics of kinesiology tape, I’d recommend reading this article written by Ted before reading this interview.

…… Now that you’re hopefully familiar with these products, today Alameda Runners interviews Rocktape, a company that specializes in products aimed at injury prevention.  You can reach the company’s FAQ page here.

Rocktape currently offers both printed and video-based instructions designed to help inform customers how to use the product.  Putting the tape on by yourself – especially if you’re inexperienced – can be a relatively daunting experience.

“When it comes to injuries, you should always consult with a medical pro. After you’re confident that your condition is treatable with tape, simply follow the instructions we provide, or have your medical pro provide guidance. When it comes to taping for performance, it is a much easier procedure since there isn’t an injury involved. Simply follow the instructions; if you wrap a birthday present you can tape yourself!”

We discuss the cost of Rocktape, risk of improper use, and more after the break! Read more… »

Ted and I ran the Alameda Education Foundation (AEF) Run 4 Education 5K in Alameda, a day after running the extremely difficult Wildcat Half Marathon. Prior to the race, neither one of us was sure what to expect from the 5K.  How would our legs recover after a hard effort the day before?  Ted shared his thoughts about the run already, but I figured I would whip up a review as well.

The course began across the street from the Sushi House, ran up Shoreline, turned around by the bathhouse, and flew back down to the start/finish line.

The gun sounded and a group of 10 people flew off the front of the race, with a couple of others pacing their way up to the leaders.  I ran with the leaders for less than a mile before I was dropped out the back of the group, as I’m clearly not fit enough for a 21-minute 5K. My legs were screaming just a half mile into the race, but I kept trucking forward.  I cleared my first mile in less than 7:30 – a pace I normally don’t keep when training – so I was honestly unsure what would happen later.  As expected, I began to slow down a bit as we left Shoreline and headed into the Crown Memorial State Beach land. The rest of the entry can be found after the jump. Read more… »

FYI for all Alameda and East Bay residents. Bike Alameda has two free bike safety classes scheduled for adults and teenagers next month.

The classes will take place on Saturday, May 1 (2:30 – 5:30) and Saturday, May 29 (2:30 – 5:30).  Both classes will be at the First Congregational  Church of Alameda Social Hall (1912 Central Ave).

The classes are designed to give riders more information regarding riding in traffic, how to avoid crashes and on-road incidents, and basic safety rules of the road.

It’s a three-hour class, and everyone who finishes the class receives a free helmet.  Visit the Bike Alameda Web site to learn more about the classes.