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Archives for the day Sunday, April 18th, 2010

A Day in the Coyote Hills…

Following Ted’s successful first attempt at a 10K run with the East Bay Running Club, we headed to the Coyote Hills for further leg explosions.  He headed out for a bike ride, while I decided to run up a few hills.

There I was running along a trail enjoying the tunes playing on my MP3 player and sporting my CONCEDE jersey ontop of my excellent ENSO jersey, when I see a …

… yeah, that’s right… SHEEP!

I noticed this sign on my second loop, which I oddly missed on my first loop.

If you’re in the area, be sure to watch out for the sheep (and the tiny presents they leave all over the pathway and trails).

Explored around 7.5 miles in a very leisurely 1:29 (with hills, random stopping for photo ops, and to observe the random wildlife along the way).  Just wanted to remind my legs what it’s like to climb up some hills for a change — Alameda is just a tad bit flat.