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Archives for the day Saturday, February 13th, 2010

Saturday Morning from Alameda

Saturday morning long run.

Here is how Ted’s morning practice goes.
Up at 8:00 A.M.
Make a batch of “Ted’s Terrific pancakes” ™ an Read more… »

RoadID: Why It’s Important

It may seem crazy to spend a minimum of $19.99 for a piece of cloth and plastic with your name, emergency contact and other information on it — but this small exercise accessory could one day save your life.  Well, that’s at least the gist of RoadID‘s marketing angle for its products that includes the Wrist ID Sport, Shoe ID and Ankle ID.

It never really sunk in that I go out on all of my training rides and long runs without my driver’s license and cell phone.  It just isn’t something I actively think about while out enjoying life.  I’ve crashed on several occasions while out in the saddle, but have been able to return home safely each time.

prod_wristid_oriI ordered a wrist band for myself and shoe ID for my dad.  Now we are both going to be able to train with identification.  My dad has been interested in one but the $19.99 price tag is a bit too much for some consumers, including my dad – so I decided to purchase one for the old man.  I’m going to wear the Wrist ID Sport, while he will use the Shoe ID product from RoadID.

I’m sure both of us will chime in on basic thoughts of the couple of products we receive in the next week or two.

If you’re interested in learning more about RoadID, I recommend visiting the company’s official web site.  A frequently asked questions section is available by clicking here.

Ted’s Terrific Pancakes

Saturday morning long runs work best after breakfast.  I have been doing long events on Saturday mornings for about 15 years now with varying results.  One of my favorite breakfast recipes is what I call “Ted’s Terrific pancakes”. Read more… »

Fluid launches Team Fluid cycling team

Congrats to Fluid, which recently started its own professional cycling team.

Here’s a tidbit from an announcement I received in my e-mail:

The mission of Team FLUID is to develop club level cyclists into skilled racers through an environment of encouragement, coaching, and ethical participation in sport.”


Team Fluid Las Vegas is the brain-child of Nathan Chaszeyka and Melinda Sloan who own a performance coaching company named Endurance Addiction. The team is supported by many great sponsors, and we encourage you to visit their Facebook page by CLICKING HERE, and becoming a fan!

The team is started racing two weeks ago and is already exceeding performance expectations!

Become a fan of the team on Facebook!