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Archives for the day Saturday, February 20th, 2010

Make it Safe For Everyone!

The city of Alameda is wonderful for so many reasons I’d likely need a few different blog posts to discuss the reasons I’m happy to live here.  A leading reason is the number of bike lanes on public roads and running trails on the main island and Bay Farm.

I end up walking, running or riding on these trails almost every day, and most of the trails are kept in great condition.  (A different blog post will be dedicated to the great job the city has done maintaining these trails.)

This blog post is a reminder that these trails are for everyone, not a single group of people!  Cyclists, joggers, walkers, families, kids, and everyone looking to enjoy a view of the bay is welcome on these trails.

As such, I feel it’s up to the people who are on bikes to make sure the trail is safe for everyone.  Be courteous to those around you.  DO NOT fly down the trails at 20 m.p.h. while buzzing people when you’re on your bike.

It’s rude, dangerous, and takes away from the wonderful trails.  Don’t be afraid to call out and let people know you’re coming by.  Slow down and call out before passing.  It takes a couple of extra seconds, but can avoid a dangerous collision that could ruin everyone’s day.

I’ve had people refuse to move over for me when they turn around and see me on a bike.  One person actually said, “You bikers are dangerous and shouldn’t be here!”  I was perplexed.

I just thought he was an old grumpy man walking his dog – but I’ve recently spent more time running on the trails, and have noticed how rude some people are.  I spoke with one person who was riding a bike and asked him why he came so close to all of the people he passed.

The kind gentleman said he wasn’t aware how close he was to us, and said he would try to make sure it doesn’t happen again.  Just chatting with him for a couple of minutes helped him understand that he needs to give people on the trail a couple extra feet when passing to ensure everyone remains safe.