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Archives for the day Monday, February 22nd, 2010

Many athletes have to travel to events across the country, and Southwest likely is a leading choice if you’re thinking about flying.  The airline company has focused exclusively on travel within the United States, with great success as it’s one of the more reliable airline companies.

I recently caught up with Southwest to ask the company several questions regarding its business and flight information.  I normally fly Southwest out of the Oakland International Airport – just a couple of minutes away from Alameda – which is the company’s Bay Area hub. Read more… »

A great thing about writing blogs here on Alameda Runners is the ability to offer reviews of various products I stumble across.   I recently ate my first package of GU Blueberrry Chomp energy blocks during a 12-mile training run in the Marin Headlands.

As much as I enjoy eating the gel-like substances, actually being able to chew something while running has been beneficial.  I like to eat the Chomps a bit earlier than when I need an energy boost — remember that the gel products lead to faster effects.

Four Chomps (with each package shipping with eight pieces) have 90 calories, 11g sugar and 23g carbs, among other important nutritional needs for endurance athletes.  Full ingredient list can be found here at the official Gu web site.

2173No caffeine in the blueberry GU Chomps, which is just fine for me.  I’m a big fan of caffeine, but never have really enjoyed it during my activities.

My complete thoughts, including something I didn’t like much, can be found after the jump. Read more… »

More inspirational running guidance, with today’s tips from Ed Eyestone (tips found in Runner’s World):

Stick to It
These four principles should be part of your training plan throughout the year.  Tailor them according to your goals, interests, and needs.

Get Moving: You don’t need to run every day, but be sure to run more days than you don’t.
Go Hard: At least once a week inject speed into your routine.  For example, perform four- to five-mile tempo runs or long intervals at 5K race pace.  Mix up repeats by running 4 x 1 mile one week, 5 x 1200 meters another, and 3 x 2000 meters another.
Ease Back: Follow hard workouts with at least one easy day and don’t worry about how fast you’re going.  Let your energy level be your guide.
Run Long: Once a week, run 1.5 times longer than your normal run.

I haven’t started mixing intervals into my runs yet, as I remain more interested in getting my legs used to running long-distance.  We completed a 12-mile run in Sausalito on Saturday, with more hilly slow runs expected in the future.

I think I’m going to focus on intervals and chipping time away after my first half marathon (Oakland Half Marathon at the end of March), but we’ll see how that goes.  I’m integrating intervals into my bike rides around Alameda, but that obviously isn’t the same intensity I use while running.

Saturday run from Crissy Field.

We are ready for the Oakland half marathon.  We got out for a 12 mile run in the hills today.  The hills made us work a bit harder than usual.  The views from the Sausalito hills are beautiful.  I think we are going back again next week to go deeper into the hills.

Pictures can be seen here:  San Francisco Run.