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Archives for June, 2020

Restrictions on stay-at-home orders across the United States are easing, while we get used to transitioning into later “phases” of lockdown. Even a couple weeks ago, while the warmer weather helped draw people outside, it was difficult to think of activities that provided adequate social distancing guidelines.

With malls closed, some restaurants fulfilling pick-up or delivery, and nothing much to do outside, quite a few people are turning to cycling.

The COVID-19 world – and a drive for more sustainable-living habits – has led to a boom in bike sales:

“Consumers are looking for outdoor- and kid-friendly activities to better tolerate the challenges associated with stay-at-home orders, and cycling fits the bill well. Growth is stemming largely from children’s, BMX, and adult leisure bikes that carry a more approachable price-point than some of the more expensive bike styles that were selling well prior to the COVID-19 crisis. Ultimately, more people are likely riding today than in years past.” — Dirk Sorenson, sports industry analyst, at The NPD Group.

Earlier this spring, The Guardian recently published the top 10 reasons it’s a great time to start cycling, as lockdown restrictions begin to ease. The list is quite practical from our cycling friends across the pond – so I recommend giving it a quick glance, and absorbing a bit of the information if you’re new to the sport.

I think it’s a great way to get around town, and you manage to get a bit of exercise along the way. Not everyone needs to try to ride a bike like Lance Armstrong, though that seems to be forgotten sometimes.

Go outside, get a bit of fresh air, and have fun out there!