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How to Securely Lock Your Bike

Locking your bike is important and should be done anytime you’re parking your bike in a public place.  Unless there is a bike valet service – or pay-by-the-minute bike lockers – you’ll have to just lock it up outside.

Here is a quick video demonstrating the proper way to lock a bike:

Additional tips and links available after the jump: 

Here are a few tips to ensure your bike remains safe:

Fixtures: Lock your bike to something that is permanently anchored into the ground. Don’t lock your bike around small trees, sign poles, or other objects that don’t yield much stability.  (Using a U-lock allows people to lock their bike to a parking meter, but don’t obstruct pedestrians and others in the area.)

Locking it Up: Follow the locking tip demonstrated in the video above – using a combination of U-lock and cable lock – or a re-enforced chain lock – is the ideal way to keep your bike safe.  Follow the video, along with the links I’ve included at the bottom of this blog.  Here is a good story posted on REI about how to choose the right bike lock for you.  If nothing else, a u-lock and cable lock – but there are advantages and disadvantages to all of them – do your homework.

Check For Bike Lockers: Alameda and cities throughout the San Francisco Bay Area have bike lockers in corporate parks, near shopping malls, BART stations, and other locations with large volumes of foot traffic.  It only costs a small amount to securely lock your bike all day, and is a great option to look into.

Additional reading material from well-known, well-respected companies and organizations:

East Bay Bicycle Coalition – Tips For Stolen Bicycle Recovery and Preventing Bicycle Theft
San Francisco Bicycle Coalition – Proper Locking Technique
Kryptonite – How to Lock Your Bicycle
Bicycling – How to Lock Your Bike
SFMTA – How to Park Your Bike


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