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Riding a bike is supposed to be fun. I hope everyone has an enjoyable and safe experience each time you get back in the saddle. There are a lot of scenarios that end up with cyclists and pedestrians injured while out and about, despite much of it being preventable with basic situational awareness.

If you’re familiar with Alameda, you’re likely aware of the numerous crosswalks, bike lanes, and occasionally disorderly habits of… seemingly everyone. Preventable collisions and other incidents occur due to a variety of factors, so let’s take a closer look.

Last summer, People Behaving Badly on KRON 4 featured a decoy operation in Alameda aimed at crosswalk violators:

Incidents related to auto vs. pedestrian (or cyclist) are frighteningly too frequent in Alameda… and all of us have a responsibility to do our part. The Bike Walk Alameda group has a fantastic synopsis of “pedestrian safety tips and laws” available, so I recommend giving it a look [LINK]. Additionally, a brief “family cycling safety” overview can be found here.

Transitioning back to safety on two wheels, cyclists must do our part to be vigilant and aware of personal safety while riding. If you’re looking for methods to improve riding style, you likely have tools at your disposal that may have been previously overlooked.

For example, if you’re in the Bay Area, there are numerous different bicycle advocacy groups that host safety classes, skills courses, etc. The Bike East Bay hosts the following:

Urban Cycling 101 for Adults and Teens
Adult Learn-to-Ride Classes
Family Cycling Workshops

It’s spring time – even if the weather is gloomy currently – get ready to enjoy better riding conditions soon. Be safe!

Helpful Resources:

California Bicycle Coalition – California Bicycle Laws
The League of American Bicyclists – Smart Cycling Tips

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