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Review: Bracketron TruRunner Belt

This review is a guest review written by Miriam “Wombat” Kaufman, a personal friend, running enthusiast, and all-around neat person.  She has several stories currently in the works for Alameda Runners, so hope you enjoy.

I was excited to have the opportunity to try out the Bracketron TruRunner belt for two reasons:

1. I’ve had my current belt for almost five years and it’s just about lost all of its elasticity
2. I’m still on the hunt for the perfect no-bounce belt.

I really dislike carrying stuff while I run, and I think I’m extra sensitive to every little bounce, slosh or jingle that drives me crazy. I prefer to run minimally, free of gear that weighs me down or is distracting, but sometimes it’s not only convenient but necessary to carry my cell phone. So, when a gear company comes around saying they’ve got a new belt that stays put, I get excited. Skeptical, but excited.

Rest of the review available after the jump: 

The TruRunner belt is weatherproof and durable. The pleated, expandable pouch has a soft shell exterior and a water repellent interior, waterproof zipper, and reflective tab for additional visibility. The elastic belt is wide and clips easily. If I carry my phone in my SPIBelt, it often gets wet from sweat as moisture seeps through the material. After a 6-mile run on a humid day, my phone remained dry in the TruRunner.

On my waist, the belt is lightweight and hardly noticeable, even filled with my phone, key and two gel packets. While walking, the wide belt sits easily on my hips, stays secure, and doesn’t feel too tight. Unfortunately, the belt loosened when I started running, and unless I had it cinched around my waist, it didn’t stay put.

Sitting tight on my waist, the belt was perfectly comfortable and weightless, and I could have run miles this way with no distraction. However, I like to keep my belt lower on my hips in a more natural resting spot, and I found myself tugging at the belt and fidgeting with the straps as it continued to creep up throughout the run.

Maybe there is no such thing as a hip belt that stays put. If not, this belt is a great product that doesn’t bounce, is lightweight and weatherproof. As long as you’re comfortable tightening the belt around your waist, it’s a great product.


  • roomy – fits phone, keys, food
  • no bounce
  • thick elastic strap
  • weatherproof zipper and pouch
  • reflective tab
  • lightweight


  • slips loose unless sitting high on waist

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