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Klingg wire clip

The Kling wire clip, officially known as the Klingg – Magnetic Earphone Cord Holder is a nice little head phone wire holder.  It is primarily designed for athletes and earbuds but I assume it is handy for the weightlifters among us.  The Klingg is nice because it has a magnetic back piece to hold the front piece on your shirt and a great wire gripper on the front.  The Kling can be found on Amazon for about $20.

The wire grip section is different from any wire cord holder that I have seen.  Most of the clips that I have used require some serious folding of the headphone cord to squeeze the wire through a small opening to lock the cord in place.  The Kling has a straight holder that is made out of some siliconized, plastic stuff that acts like rubber.  I have no idea what it is but it holds wires well.  It takes a little practice to slide the wire into the holder but once you get the touch, you can feed single cords for one ear, both cords or the full cord without much effort.  Once the cord is in place, it is easy to move the cord around to set the length.

When I first got the Klinggon, I wondered what I would do with the thing.  I don’t like the idea of putting a magnet in the pouch with Ipod and earbuds so I put it on the side of my gym bag.  I am a little too old and conservative to hang decorations from my gym bag but I like it there.


  • The magnet works great for clipping to thin surfaces without damaging the material
  • They look good
  • I love the colors
  • It is easy to slide the clip around on any surface where it will stay
  • It works on swim goggle straps
  • The ability to position the head phone cord just about any place there is material just about eliminates the cord from sticking to my neck.


  • The packaging is obscene but necessary for a borderline novelty item
  • The price is a bit high
  • It takes practice to get the wire into the holder.  (this may not be fair as the cord has to be tight to stay in place)

The $20 price tag would normally put this into the upper edge of my price range for something like this but the ability to swim with it and keep my swim cord in place makes this a keeper that is well worth the money.  It would make a great gift for the athlete who has everything.

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