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A friend recently purchased a 2014 Specialized Sirrus Sport Disc hybrid bike from the Mike’s Bikes of Berkeley store – and that enjoyable experience will come in a separate blog post.  I wanted to briefly discuss the “Mike’s Bikes 5-Year Service Policy” that is available to customers purchasing a bike from Mike’s Bikes.

The 5-year service policy costs $150 and customers need to enroll in the program within 90 days of bike purchase.

There is a wide list of services covered, including a ‘Comp’ tune up (gear adjustments, brake adjustments, wheel truing, etc.), along with changing a flat tire, derailleur adjustments, brake pad labor replacement, and so on.  It’s nice that labor charge for chain replacement, brake pad replacement, and other adjustments also is included in

Take a look at the full list of the benefits available here.

Some people will look at the program and not show any interest, while many of you probably would be interested in this type of service.  If you are in the market for a new bike, I highly recommend inquiring if your local shop offer some type of similar program.

These are the types of programs that separate good bike shops from great bike shops – Mike’s Bikes, Sports Basement, and other reputable bike dealers should provide some type of follow-up support new customers can enjoy in the future.

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