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There are a few different companies that make neat products but fly under the radar among athletes and people with stinky, moist shoes. One of those companies very well could be Stuffitts, a company that specializes in portable drying solutions for shoes, helmets, gloves, and gear – something that we often don’t think about buying, but could probably use.

The Stuffitts For Shoes Pro product is the company’s top product, with a $24.99 MSRP, and is available through major online retailers and from select sports retailers.

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The Stuffitts work overnight, don’t require any maintenance from owners, and are reusable for up to one year.  Simply open the package, put the inserts into your shoes, and let them sit overnight for the drying inserts to work their magic.  I’ve heard of customers using Stuffitts products for more than one year with continued results, so don’t throw it out just because it has been around 12 months!

The shoe insert is made of two important parts: the outer shell consisting of a micro-poly wicking fabric and an inner core containing 100 percent natural cedar.  The shell helps wick moisture into the core, which reportedly helps dry shoes up to 62 percent in an hour, according to this video.

After two days wandering around Dreamforce in the rain, my dress shoes were in dire need of assistance with a unique stinky swamp foot smell.  For two nights I used the Stuffitts and the smell drastically improved after one night, and the smell was virtually gone after the second night.  The moisture was completely absorbed by the shoe inserts and will be ready to rock next week odor-free.

Final Thoughts

This is a good item to help rid your workout shoes or dress shoes of any disgusting odors, and could make a great Christmas gift.  You can use them on any type of shoes, so they don’t have to be just for running shoes and workout sneakers!

Guest Input: These products rock if you have workout shoes that has odor smells after hours of workouts and stink.  I didn’t think I would spend that much on something for my shoes, and I ask family and friends to get it for me for my birthday. 

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