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How to Wash Your Running Shoes

Whether your running shoes are long overdue for a bath, or you just got done a fun trail run, many runners are unsure how to wash running shoes and keep them from being damaged.

In the Washer: Occasionally throwing running shoes into the washer to clean them is just fine. Typically best to wash the shoes on the cold/cold setting, along with a load of laundry, and then not worrying about a thing. Remove the insoles and wash them outside of the shoe.

Do NOT put running shoes into the dryer – runners need to let the shoes air dry. To dry shoes faster, remove each insole and put some type of moisture-absorbing material into each shoe.

For anyone trying to wash the shoes faster, a hose and scrub brush will get rid of most of the mud and gunk from the shoes. (It’s advisable to also remove surface dirt as much as possible before using the washer.) Using an old tooth brush with a little bit of anti-grease soap ;;tends to do a good job of cleaning up the shoes.

Here is what recommends:

Step 1
Wipe the outside of the shoes with a cloth. For convenience, Mom’s Budget suggests baby wipes. ASICS Sports says an old toothbrush will help get off stubborn dirt. Use an anti-grease soap on the outside of the shoe to clean grime.

Step 2
Remove the insoles, or liners, of the shoes if possible and wash them separately. You can leave the laces on or remove them and insert fresh ones.

Step 3
Place each shoe in a separate pillowcase. Knot the ends of the cases to secure the shoes inside.

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