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Video: Stretch Those Hamstrings!

Here is a quick Livestrong video that discusses loosening your hamstrings using heat:

This quick blog post is a special request from a runner with occasional hamstring issues looking for stretching and strengthening techniques.  Full discussion available after the jump:

Stretching is important for everyone, including athletes or people that sit in an office chair all day.  Continued hamstring stretches will lead to increased flexibility, and with many runners suffering from tight hamstrings, it is very important.

As noted by Ted a few years back while chatting with an ultramarathoner, core training is important – but making sure to spend time focusing on your hamstrings also is important.  Using a bosu ball is a great way to work on stretching and muscle strengthening, with plenty of additional information available online.

Leg injuries are almost inevitable for distance runners, but learning proper prevention, treatment, and stretching techniques can reduce injury risk.

Additional reading material:

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Runner’s World – Happy Hammies (hamstring exercises)
Runner’s World – 10-Minute Hamstring Stretch Routine – Monday Minute: Active Hamstring Stretch – Stretching Tips for Runners

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