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Archives for the day Friday, November 15th, 2013

The bosu ball can be used for physical recovery, strength training and increasing flexibility when used by athletes. Noted by Trail Runner Magazine, using a bosu ball is a great way to prevent common injuries – and strengthen your legs and core.

When I trained for  Brazen Racing trail half marathons, which are hosted on notoriously difficult courses, I used the bosu ball to help work on my balance and stretching.  It’s a costly initial investment, but if you incorporate it into your at-home workout routine, you can potentially find a new way to sneak in a quick workout.

Your gym likely has at least one bosu ball you can use with the free weights.

Once you’re familiar with the bosu ball, you will find a variety of different workout routines. posted a great story that covers 10 full-body bosu workouts.  You’ll be amazed how easily you can mix in weight training while using the bosu ball, but always remain physically aware if anything occurs.

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