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I overheard a conversation at the Tour of California that inspired me to write this blog post.  Two spectators were trying to explain what it meant to ‘bonk’ after one of the color commentators mentioned something.

Learning the proper terminology when it comes to cycling and endurance sports can be difficult, but it’s important to understand certain phrases.

From the official Amgen Tour of California guide:

“Both are bad news for a cyclist.  To ‘bonk’ or to ‘hit the wall’ means a rider has not consumed enough calories to fuel his/her bbody.  Cycling races are usually long and require careful replenishment of calories and electrolytes.  Failure to fuel correctly can lead to a rider falling off the pace of the main group and may even cause them to drop out of a race.”

It’s likely inevitable you will bonk during training – and hopefully not during a race – but there is a lot of work

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I’m sure sports nutrition and avoiding the bonk will be discussed again in the future here on Alameda Runners.

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