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Recovery is important for athletes looking to heal fast and continue training and racing – but ensuring we give our bodies the right nutrition post-race can be extremely difficult.

Ultimately, trying to figure out how much protein is needed comes down to a math and biology lesson, so I hope you’re prepared!

Very active people need 0.75g of protein per pound of body weight
Moderately active people need 0.6g of protein per pound of body weight
Mildly active people need 0.5g of protein per pound of body weight

So, a person who is moderately active and weighs 170 lbs. should consume around 102g of protein every day – though that number can fluctuate depending on overall activity level.

Ideally, you’ll want to consume something with protein within 10-15 minutes after your workout. I try to drink a little bit of water, and then worry about consuming some carbs and drinking a protein drink.

We’ve had good experience with the products from Athletes HoneyMilk (now Core Power), while Ted also experimented with Accelerade 4:1 and found success.

Expect a short review of the Muscle Milk Cookies ‘N Crème flavor, which I’ll have published sometime in the near future.

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